Ice or Cold therapy should be applied for up to 15 minutes at a time (dependant on the size of the area being treated and the depth of the injured structure) and be re-applied regularly, every 2-3 hours. Always ensure a suitable layer of protection is placed over the skin. Another commonly known method is 10 minutes ON / 10 minutes OFF and REPEAT.


Acute injuries are those which result from traumatic incidents (a fall, twisting movement or direct blow for example) and are immediately painful.


When an acute injury first occurs, bleeding, inflammation, swelling and pain must all be controlled. Ice should be applied as soon as possible in order to cool the tissues, reduce their metabolic rate and nerve conduction velocity and cause vasoconstriction of the surrounding blood vessels.


Ice therapy is usually very beneficial post massage treatments, as massage therapy may increase inflammation & tenderness of the area’s treated.



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