Healthy Roots is dedicated to helping our environment. Our Wellness Centre is chemical free. We try to use eco-friendly or biodegradable products and supplies where we can.

These are some of the little things we do:

  • Cleaning Products are all natural, chemical free or biodegradable
  • Natural & Biodegradable Laundry Detergent
  • Commercial HE Washing Machine - cuts down on water use & soap use
  • Dryer Balls in our commercial Natural Gas Dryer - Dryer Balls help decrease drying time & replace fabric softener chemicals
  • Bottle Free - We use a Santevia water system (www.santevia.com) NO MORE BOTTLES
  • Recycled paper for receipts, with option to email receipts. 
  • FSC paper envelopes
  • Recycled or eco-friendly toilet paper & face tissues 
  • Organic or All Natural bathroom hand soap
  • Our bathrooms are PAPER TOWEL FREE! We use Micro-fiber hand towels. Clean, one time use, (washed after each use)
  • Office supplies, such as our stapless stapler, and paper are Eco-friendly or recycled products
  • Business Cards are printed on recycled paper
  • Online Booking System - No more buying paper appointment books
  • Electronic Filing system, and online patient intake forms.
  • Recycling our Paper & Plastic waste
  • Washable dishes only - nothing disposable unless made from recycled paper or compostable