Abdominal Detoxing

The session will start with the top layer of the body, the skin and detoxify it. Then work into the fascia layer, unblocking adhesions, fascial chains, and releasing scars. Followed by the main muscles of the abdomen and learn to relax them. Next is the digestive system. You will be walked through every part of the process as it feels different than you'd expect. Every part of the abdomen feels so different!

This is a truly unique experience you won’t just do it once.

***An Abdominal Detoxing Practitioner is not a Registered Massage Therapist, nor is the session considered "massage therapy". These sessions cannot be covered under the umbrella of "massage therapy" with your health insurance plans. However some plans have a health spending account which allows you to choose other alternative health modalities. We advise you to check with your insurance provider prior to booking a session.***