Cold Wave Laser Sessions

Quantum Wave Lasers have a Class 3 Medical Device Certification with Health Canada. Cold Laser includes red, inferred and Violet diodes donating energy to our cells. The laser has the unique ability to clean the cell memory. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury. The laser can be applied to any injuries, stress or tension and activate the key body systems such as glands and organs.

In a session the lasers are simply placed on your body to help your body to relax and to target the areas of concern that you may have.

Cold laser can be effective for:

  • muscle pain
  • arthritis
  • muscle spasm
  • stiffness
  • circulation
  • relaxation
  • joint pain
  • inflammation

Do you have interest in trying it out on any aches, pains or injuries you may have? Are you grumpy, depressed, stressed out, tired of depending on pills, having trouble sleeping or struggling with some type of illness? Or, do you know of anyone that may want to try it, because everything they have tried, has not worked for them? They might want to book an appointment to see if it is a modality that works for them and their body!

The session is a truly relaxing experience!